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Imam Tawhidi: These Are My Religious Beliefs

  By: Imam Mohammad Tawhidi   I have always believed that faith is a personal matter between us and our creator. In more recent times, I have been receiving questions through this website, during my public events, as well as from public figures about my personal beliefs. Most importantly: How I could still be a…

Imam Tawhidi: Islam Doesn’t Have to be a Religion of Men


  The communities and societies in which I was raised, in both the Middle East and the West, maintained a very negative stance against Jews. Now that I have developed into a reformist Muslim, I am finding it difficult dealing with the current narrative surrounding Israel and the Jewish people, simply because I believe we…

Is Jerusalem a Sacred Islamic City?

  Jerusalem is home to around 400,000 Muslims, but is it a sacred city according to Islam? This is a question the majority of Muslims within the political and academic world try to avoid, simply because it opens a rather uncomfortable discussion. In fact, a Muslim asking such a question could face serious consequences; such…


  Once again, the world witnesses another attack on Jewish people, this time by a white supremacist. It was only six months ago when we mourned the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the United States, which resulted in the killing of eleven people and injuring seven others. Today however,…

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