A Doctrine of Peace

Imam Tawhidi does not support Sharia Law, believes that the law of the land is superior to law of religion, and that violent Sharia Law must not be applied. The reason for this is: People must have the full right and complete authority to form their own laws and choose their own leaders.

Imam Tawhidi believes that all Islamic Governments and Caliphates are illegitimate. The role of religion is to ‘guide’ and not ‘govern’, therefore all religious scriptures cannot be used as government constitutions.

Imam Tawhidi also believes that Prophet Mohammad’s government was a myth which did not exist. His forthcoming book sheds light on this matter.

Imam Tawhidi is known for his cooperation with various government departments within and outside of Australia, promoting peace, tolerance, equality and respect amongst numerous societies.

Imam Tawhidi enjoys healthy relationships with government officials and protective services. He believes that the constitution and the constitution alone should be followed, in order to achieve unity and peace.

Imam Tawhidi considers all those listed in the Australian list of terrorist organizations as terrorists. The same applies to the lists of terrorist organisations issued by the governments of the U.S, U.K, U.A.E and all of their allies. Imam Tawhidi also encourages Muslim men and women to join the police force and to stand and speak up against acts of violence and terrorism.

Religion should never be mixed with politics, and a government must never govern in the name of a religion. Governments should function based upon an agreed upon constitution and not upon the religion of the ruler.

Imam Tawhidi is Australia’s leading critic of ISIS and Islamic Extremism, denouncing it as a dangerous fundamentalist and extremist body. His social networks give voice against ISIS and all forms of extremism in the name of Islam.

Imam Tawhidi leads annual processions against ISIS throughout Australia, and he calls onto all Muslim Imams to speak out against terrorist organizations; while publicly condemning Imams who remain silent.

“Stay away from both the Far-Left and the Far-Right. Keep a balance in all areas of life. Disagreements are necessary and dialogue is healthy. Maintain the peace.” – Imam Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi believes that apostates and those who leave Islam are not to be harmed in any way. They must not be forced into believing what they do not wish to believe.

On gay marriage, Imam Tawhidi believes in following the law of the land.

On homosexuals: Imam Tawhidi does not support hating, harming or killing homosexuals; and believes that their human rights must be protected.

Imam Tawhidi supports a strong and serious immigration policy. He has repeatedly called for the strict vetting of refugees after two Muslim refugees conducted terrorist attacks and sieges which killed innocent Australians.

Imam Tawhidi supports the deportation of Islamic Extremists, Islamists, and all those charged with terror offences. Likewise, he supports the revoking citizenships from terrorists who depart the country to join Jihad in the Middle East.

Imam Tawhidi believes in professional dialogue with people from different beliefs, religious and backgrounds. As a man of peace, he is not concerned with Left-Wing or Right-Wing politics when preaching his message of peace. Since 2016, Imam Tawhidi has met with different groups on both the Left and the Right to discuss ways of achieving peace and mutual understanding.

Imam Tawhidi does not discriminate between any religious groups and respects, visits and loves all equally. He regularly visits Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist religious communities amongst others.

Imam Tawhidi:

  1. believes that Palestine is Jewish land. His Huffington Post article ‘Why I Believe Palestine is Jewish land’ can be found here.
  2. acknowledges The Holocaust and the historical and current suffering of the Jewish people,
  3. rejects all forms of Anti-Semitism,
  4. has adopted the ‘INTERNATIONAL DEFINITION OF ANTISEMITISM’ as the standard definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’.

Up until 2013, Imam Tawhidi was educated by [and under the supervision of] Grand Ayatollahs whom oppose the Iranian Regime and Hizbullah. Imam Tawhidi has no current affiliation with any Grand Ayatollah, nor does he represent any Ayatollah for that matter. He is a completely independent individual who does not report to any superior cleric and belongs to no hierarchy or governing Islamic body. This matter has been presented in detail to concerned government departments and intelligence agencies.

As for the future and dialogue purposes, Imam Tawhidi welcomes the opportunity to meet Grand Ayatollahs who share some of his views and believe in the need of Islamic reformation.

Imam Tawhidi does not recognise the authority of any Grand Mufti. He believes that such a position has no place in a democratic society. However, since such a position is likely to exist forever, Imam Tawhidi has called for a change within the Australian National Imams Council in the past, proposing that they appoint a female Mufti. More information can be found here.

Women’s rights are human rights. Gender equality and ensuring universal rights are essential ingredients for sustainable development. Now more than ever, we need to recognize the centrality of gender equality. Imam Tawhidi works towards ending gender inequality and views this mission as the grand objective of the 21st century. Both men and women should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender.

Imam Tawhidi believes that the matter of abortion is a conversation for women to have, not men. In the past, Imam Tawhidi has also expressed support for women undergoing abortion based on medical advice, in the state of an emergency or other difficult situations.

Imam Tawhidi rejects all teachings which promote child-marriage and female genital mutilation. He condemns all Imams, Islamic Authorities and Jurists who promote and practice such crimes against women, regardless of their denomination and position within Islam.

Since 2017, Imam Tawhidi has worked alongside tens of victims of child-marriage and FGM; and has assisted them in achieving a divorce and/or regaining their rights from oppressive families and religious centres.

Imam Tawhidi separates between ‘Halal Food’ and ‘Halal Certification’. He has denounced ‘Halal Certification’ as a business in the name of religion and an insult to Non-Muslims. Imam Tawhidi believes that Muslims should have an ‘App’ or a website that lists all of the foods they can and cannot consume, instead of charging the majority of the nation money for Halal Certificationto be applied on products in public supermarkets.

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Imam Tawhidi rejects the use of Taqiyyah and the concealing of one’s main beliefs for personal safety, and believes that in open societies where police protect the citizens, moderate Muslims should express their views and openly criticise the extremist elements within their communities.

Imam Tawhidi was educated in a Private Muslim School in Australia and has worked closely with government officials on matters concerning radicalisation and indoctrination. He has called for an investigation into Muslim schools after the Australian Government revoked funding for several Private Muslim Schools.  In 2017, Imam Tawhidi wanted Islamic Schools closeddue to lack of transparency and many cases of radicalisation.

Imam Tawhidi believes that all citizens should give back to their country and nation. This can be done through volunteering in public events, joining the police force, reporting on crime, cleaning the roads, engaging in beneficial programs or donating towards charity organizations.

Imam Tawhidi believes in the importance of having a council of patriot Imams who stand for the values that have preserved Western Civilization. He believes that moderate Muslims should publicly unite with the majority of the nation against the extremist elements within the Muslim community.