Women’s rights are human rights. Gender equality and ensuring universal rights are essential ingredients for sustainable development. Now more than ever, we need to recognize the centrality of gender equality. Shaikh M. Tawhidi works towards ending gender inequality and views this mission as the grand objective of the 21st century. Both men and women should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender.

Imam Tawhidi stands against any form of ideological or political extremism coming from any school of thought, and calls for healthy and peaceful gatherings and dialogues among all human beings.

Apostates and those who leave the religion of God are NOT to be harmed in any way possible. They must ONLY be advised to return back to the religion with logical evidences. They must not be forced into believing what they do not wish to believe.

All caliphates are unlawful and all self-proclaimed caliphs are responsible and guilty for the bloodshed taking place in order to establish their caliphate. Supporting a caliphate in any form is prohibited and is considered acting against God.

Religion should never be mixed with politics, and a government must never govern in the name of a religion. Governments should function based upon an agreed upon constitution and not upon the religion of the ruler.

After the Brussels Blasts, Imam Tawhidi condemned the blasts and told channel 7 that if Australia wanted to advance and become the best country in the world, then we need patriot Imams who love Australia from the bottom of their hearts.

All citizens should give back to the country and nation. This can be done through volunteering in public events, cleaning the roads, joining in beneficial programs or donating towards charity organizations.

Imam Tawhidi encourages youth to pursue a career in the Australian Army to stand in defense of Australia if needed. He also believes all those who die for Australia are considered martyrs who deserve paradise.