Brave officer Yaser al-Jorani was kidnapped and killed by ISIS in Iraq on the 30th of December 2021. The video is horrific, and therefore only a still image of it shall be provided in the first link below. He left behind two young girls Rawan and Asal.

This matter has received wide media attention, and the Prime Minister of Iraq has comforted the family of the victim (see attachments). However, they are simply being listed as orphans who are able to receive basic supplies from charities. All proceeds will be managed by Imam Tawhidi to provide the two girls with an honourable/safe place to live, food, mental health care, education costs and other necessary needs.

Updates shall be provided on this very page.

Links to the story:

  1. The tragic story on mainstream news networks.
  2. Iraq’s Prime Minister inviting the family and sending his condolences.
  3. The victim’s father (the girls’ grandfather)’s interview
Orphan Sisters Rawan and Asal
Yaser al-Jorani (left) victim of ISIS beheading, and his two orphan daughters (right)