Project: A Professional Media Platform

In recent years, we have been cooperating with government departments, intelligence services and police in several countries to tackle the growth of Islamic extremism. Imam Tawhidi has travelled to the Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada, UK and around Australia to raise awareness regarding radical elements which pose a potential national security threat to the nations and its citizens.

Since 2017, Imam Tawhidi has been forced into hiding two times, and has been physically assaulted over three times by Islamic extremists. The death threats Imam Tawhidi receives have prevented him from participating in events and making regular public appearances.

See examples: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The majority of TV channels that invite Imam Tawhidi end up censoring his words, or completely cancelling the interview out of fear.


Our Goals and Objectives

We believe in our goals because they are realistic and achievable:

  1. To establish The National Independent, an independent Online News Agency to Independently cover international news, views, conversations and analyses.
  2. To establish a special research department to provide investigative journalism into Islamic Extremism. (Website to launch soon:
  3. A media platform and studio to record and produce regular educational material tackling the ideology of Islamic extremism, and a weekly show/podcast with Imam Tawhidi. (Click here to see an example of Imam Tawhidi’s LIVE shows: Sharia Talk


Counter-Terrorism Department

The objectives of our counter-terrorism department will be:

  1. To expose the tax and foreign funding of Islamic Extremists in Non-Muslim countries.
  2. To expose the Islamic extremist Mosques, Organisations, Banks, Businesses, Halal Certification finances, Political Parties, Political Fronts, Activities, and all other hidden agendas.
  3. To take legal action against Islamic extremism through parliamentary petitions, bills, and the federal police.


Our Sources

Our Counter-Terrorism Department will receive hot news and direct information from within Islamic extremist Mosques and organisations regarding their activities. Our team consists of insiders who believe in our message of reform and anti-extremism, and will provide exclusive breaking news to us as matters develop.


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