Please read the following very carefully before sending an invitation request:

Note: Invitations from within Australia and New Zealand should be sent at least one month prior to the event date, and at least two months prior notice is required for international invitations. All invitations must be directed from a legally registered organization. Please allow up to five business days to receive an update regarding your invitation request.

We accept invitations for The Imam:

  • To address and testify beforeĀ Parliament or a government inquiry.
  • To attend or speak at a religious/multi-faith, event or gathering.
  • To participate in a religious activity, celebration, event, at a place of worship such as Church, Temple, Synagogue, etc.
  • To attend a school program that enhances education.
  • To attend and contribute in a discussion panel regarding a matter/topic of concern.
  • To attend/or address a conference or forum regarding a matter/subject of interest or concern.
  • To attend events, places and gatherings similar to those mentioned above.

Invitation Requirements:

Along with the invitation request, we require information (preferably a website link) regarding your organization or event, as well as photographs of the venue in which the Imam would be spending most of the time in. We also request to be informed of the names of other invited members, public figures, and community leaders (if any).

If your invitation is accepted, a public relations officer will contact you to discuss further arrangements; this includes protocols, procedures and security requirements of inviting the Imam.

Send an Invitation:

After having read the above, you are able to send your invitation through the form below: