The time has come where we must create our own forum to ideologically tackle Islamic extremism. We as free human beings need to work together on both diplomatic and international levels to achieve our common goal of establishing peace. This means we must begin to petition parliaments and form public relations with influential people who believe in global peace and the importance of national security.

The Imam Tawhidi Foundation “Believing in a peaceful tomorrow” operates with the following objectives:

  1. Upholding and defending our common values.
  2. Raise public awareness on matters of national security.
  3. Publishing anti-radical educational materials for potential use in our schools and educational events.
  4. Work for women’s rights at both a national and international level.
  5. Distribute honest and accurate information to the media, on matters concerning security and radical Islam.
  6. Issue a monthly “People’s Report” to government, on matters of national concern.
  7. Attempt to cooperate and collaborate with governments on all levels, where matters of concern come to our attention.
  8. The creation of our own independent media studio is a priority objective.

Our objectives against extremism cannot be achieved by myself alone, this is a challenge WE Australians will win.

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