Exact Text:

“In the Name of God Almighty

I refuse to join 100,000 Muslim Imams, Muftis and Islamic Authorities in stating that “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam”. ISIS does in fact have everything to do with a hardline interpretation of Sunni Islam that is derived from the very teachings of the early Islamic Caliphs and other extremist Islamic Sources such as Sahih al Bukhari. As Muslims who wish to distance ourselves away from the actions of ISIS, we must first condemn our dark and blood-dripping history and the terrorist figures that paved the way for ISIS to reappear in the 21st Century; even if they were the fathers in law of Prophet Mohammad.

As for ISIS itself, we must unite with the rest of humanity against them, and in every way possible. It is not permissible to interact with them or their supporters, or assist them in anyway. It is prohibited to purchase their products, seek their advice, allow them into congregations, engage with them in marriage or have any form of contact with them. They must be completely isolated from our communities in order for them and their ideology to die out, either with time or through internal conflict among themselves.

We must counter their extremism by promoting peace, democracy and a reformed version of Islam that does not stem from terrorist teachings.


Signed: Imam Tawhidi